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Protein Supplements and Wound Healing

Protein supplements have been shown in multiple studies to help with healing wounds more effectively. For smaller wound healing the period of healing can be as short as a single week. For more serious wounds, such as those that occur with surgery, the healing period can be as long as a year. Individual protean supplements can be a great help. Also consider consuming a highly concentrated protein powder (with nutrients) as this can be the most effective way of getting the highest levels of protean.


L-arginine Supplements and Wound Healing

L-arginine is another substance available in supplement form that can help improve healing times. It is effective in lower dosages of around 4500 milligrams a day or less. It is a highly promising treatment for patients hoping to improve their rate of healing.

These are several possible reasons why this may be so. Arginine has been seen to stimulate the release of insulin. This improves the transport of the very important amino acids to those body tissues that are damaged and in need of repair. This treatment can be even more effective in combination with other nutrients. Add L-citrulline alongside L-arginine for possibly better results. L-citrulline is possibly even more efficient than L-arginine at promoting the healing of wounds. It can alsodo so at even lower doses that L-arginine.

Always consult your doctor before trying any of these treatments.


Healing Bedsores

Pressure ulcers are a painful condition for those who suffer from them. They are also commonly known as bedsores. Bedsores are caused by constant pressure on a single area. This in turn restricts bloodflow. Bedsores are a very common problem in old people in nursing homes. They can also occur in hospitals when the patient is immobile for long periods of time during their treatment. Healing these wounds becomes highly important in these cases. The above treatments should help with this condition.