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Supplements for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a difficult condition to recommend supplements for. This is because of the insidious nature of the condition. There is a possibility that some supplements can interact and interfere with chemotherapy treatments. For some this can lead to serious complications in their treatment. Consult your doctor on any possible supplements you are currently taking or are thinking of taking if you are suffering from the condition.

All smokers, both current and those who have kicked the habit, should avoid beta carotene supplements. This is because there is a possibility that they could increase the risk of developing cancer, according to large ATBC, CARET and AREDS 2 trials. This is especially important if you are going under any testing or treatment for lung cancer.

Selenium & Anti Oxidants Effect On Lung Cancer

Also be aware that selenium supplements have not been shown to reduce the recurrence of lung cancer. Some studies have shown that selenium supplements may increase the risk of lung cancer returning. High levels of anti oxidants, which are normally recommended by doctors, have also been seen by Swedish researchers to increase the growth of tumors in mice. This does not mean you should avoid all foods containing anti oxidants. A diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables may have long term benefits in helping to prevent the occurrence of cancers.

Other Advice

Do not believe the claims that natural remedies and homeopathic treatments can treat or cure lung cancer. There are no medical cures. Follow the advice of your doctor and medical specialists if you are diagnosed with the condition. Dietary supplements are not intended to treat such serious conditions and should not be seen as possible treatments.

The best way to avoid developing cancer of the lungs is to never smoke. If you do smoke quit immediately. This is a case of prevention is better than cure.