Anti Aging Herbs You Should Try

Anti Aging Herbs Introduction

Anti Aging Herbs are becoming more popular than ever. Aging effects us all. However, as we all know, some people age better than others. Most people wish to see off the negative effects of aging as long as possible. In answer to this desire there are many anti aging products, foods and supplements now on the market. Every one of these claims to be the most effective at preventing aging. As such it can be quite confusing for the average consumer to know what to actually buy.

This is further complicated by the fact that many people wish the anti aging foods and supplements they consume to be as organic as possible. The truth is that many consumers are not aware that many of these products are not actually organic. As such many of the positive effects the products show don’t last as long as many would wish them to. With this in mind what can someone looking for an excellent organic based anti aging product actually look for?

Anti Aging Herbs Herbal Supplements Pills Tablets

The answer to this question may be a herbal solution. There now exist many anti-aging herbs that produce excellent results. Best of all, they have little or no negative side effects and last for a long time. What follows is a list of all natural organic herbs that help you fight the aging process. These will not only help you look younger on the outside but feel younger on the inside. Your well being and vitality can be greatly increased by these herbal solutions.


Anti Aging Herbs – How Do They Work?

You should look for herbs that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Most of these herbs also contain antioxidants. These can help slow and prevent cell degeneration in the body caused by the natural aging process. Some have positive skincare properties by helping to improve your skin’s complexion. They do this by offering the vital nourishment your skin needs and often doesn’t get.

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What Herbal Remedies For Aging To Look For

As people have become aware of the positive effects of Anti Aging Herbs demand has greatly increased. This desire is only likely to increase in the future. To look and feel younger is something people have always wanted. Sadly, not all herbal treatments are equally beneficial or have the desired results. The trick is to choose those that are proven to be effective and  that continue to yield positive results over a long term period. What follows is a selection of the finest tried and tested herbs on the market today:


Gingko is an excellent herb with numerous benefits. Extracted from the Gingko, tree the various health benefits and anti aging effects of this herb have been know and admired for centuries. Gingko has numerous skincare benefits and works with your skin to fight early signs and appearance of aging. As well as these cosmetic benefits, the herb also helps strengthen the capillaries that deliver oxygen your body’s organs.  Your eyes and brain in particular can benefit from this effect. The herb has anti oxidant benefits. It  helps fight macular degeneration  and oxidation within the body. As such Gingko is an excellent way to ensure youthful skin and healthy body as we grow older.


Ginseng is a herb that is very well known for its anti aging properties. It is a very popular herb in both Asia and America and has numerous health benefits. Ginseng has been shown to help those with high blood pressure reduce it. It is also great for those seeking to reduce and manage stress. Stress can cause numerous health problems and speed the aging process so reducing and managing it is essential for everyone in the hectic modern world.

Anti Aging Herbs Ginseng
Ginseng is present in many supplements available today.

Ginseng can also help you achieve clear, beautiful skin. It also promotes more general health in our bodies. The Adaptogen contained in Ginseng also helps you enhance and maintain your stamina as you grow older.


Bilberry is an one of the best Anti Aging Herbs with many anti aging properties. The main reason for this is that is it is so high in antioxidants. It has numerous skincare benefits, including preventing wrinkles and reducing spots that can appear on our skin as we age.

Bilberry also aids in cell generation. This is actually very import for maintaining out eyesight as we age. Rhodopsins are the hugely important light sensitive cells that are present in your eyes. These cells can degenerate as we age, but the cell regeneration properties of Bilberry can help reduce and alleviate this problem.

Losing your eye sight is a much bigger problem as we age than the cosmetic problems such as lines and wrinkles. Bilberry is an excellent herb to take as it can help in the fight against both these problems, serious and merely cosmetic. Bilberry can also help in preventing cataracts. It also helps keep the joint collagens in the body both strong and in good health as we age.


Turmeric is a very popular spice which is often used in Indian food and cuisine. It is also one of a number of increasingly popular Anti Aging Herbs. Aside from this use on the dinner table it also has excellent anti aging properties. For many centuries it has been praised for both its wonderful healing and skin care properties. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that have made it extremely useful.

One possible explanation for this might be that it contains Curcumin. The Curcumin contained within turmeric is responsible for its distinctive yellow colour. More importantly it is also responsible for its many anti-aging properties. As such it has seen very wide use in treating and healing wounds in India for many, many years. The herb itself has been used to effectively treat the various negative effects of many degenerative diseases.

Anti Aging Herbs Turmeric

One result of this is the herbs use in modern skincare. Turmeric is also one of the best anti aging herbs for those who seek younger skin. As such it has actually become one of the preferred herbal choices of skincare experts and those seeking younger looking skin. By reducing the damage caused to skin tissues by both natural aging and the environment it helps keep skin looking and feeling younger for longer.

Gotu Kola


Gotu Kola is an excellent herb with great medicinal properties. The herb is native to several nations like China, Indonesia, India and South Africa. Gotu Kola has been used in these countries for a very long time indeed. Traditionally it has been used for its anti inflammatory properties, but it is now finder even more uses in the modern world.

It has been shown to help in regenerating cells. It is also known to help ensure the skin stays healthy as we age. On top of this the herb has been seen to help fight stress. This is very important as stress can accelerate aging and damage health and well being. It has even been shown to help keep the mind sharp and help in fighting the mental decline that many people encounter as they grow older. This mental decline encountered in old age is a problem that is having serious effects on countries with aging populations. Gotu Kola is an excellent herb to try.

Anti Aging Herbs Conclusion

These are only a small selection of the many herbs that can help manage and fight the aging process. Many of these herbs can be found in the herbal section of our website. We hope you found this article useful in expanding your knowledge on all the wonderful health benefits that herbs can have in your life.







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